Where do you start?

There are two very different facets to getting married.

There is the legal requirements that you need to meet and then there is the fun (or stressful part) the the planning of the ceremony (that is if you chose to have a ceremony). 

The Paperwork must be completed correctly, and in a timely manner, otherwise your big day will just be an expensive party.   So as your Celebrant, I do need to ask quite a few questions? My legal obligation is to make sure that you meet ALL the requirements, and at the end of the day you are legally married.

Ceremony Planning – Picking a date and time.
Wedding season in Tasmania, (usually September to April) can be quite unpredictable as to how my diary books up. I have bookings up to 2 years in advance, but then sometimes there are entire weekends where I am free. 

If you are flexible in your date contact me and check my availability before you set your heart on your date, you will need to book in with me, I don’t (can’t) guarantee to hold the date open for you unless you 

  1. submit your Notice of intent to marry
  2. sign a service agreement
  3. make part payment of the fee

Select and Book your Venue
Option A: Popular Venues also book quickly. If you are flexible and have your heart set on a particular venue, ask them about a breakfast or lunch-time or weekday or even a winter wedding.

Option B: This is the one I took. My husband and I got married on a Sunday morning (a breakfast wedding) and saved HUGE dollars Or Chose a winter date and save even more.

What is your dream wedding?  It pays to know what you want or imagine. Do you want Formal or informal?

Do you want a large wedding crew/party ie:  several attendants (bridesmaids/groomsmen/flower girls etc) or few, or none?

Theme? How many guests?

Don’t stress if you’ve not got this part all worked out yet  – I can help you define your choices with lots of suggestions and recommendations.

Youve decided to book me as your Celebrant.. what part do I play on your day. Silly question?  Not really

I present your ceremony and make sure that you are legally married at the end of it. I can be completely flexible in personalising your Ceremony to reflect you both. (Apart from the legal bits that I cannot change or omit)

I can provide samples and suggestions, but I don’t decide the content of your ceremony.  I am the one that facilitates and delivers, but there are no rules. We can turn the ceremony it on its head if you chose..or we can stick to tradition.  Limited by your imagination. I can help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Write your own vows or have input into them?
I can help you here. I can provide you with inspiration. If you have your own idea on what you want to say, lets put pen to paper.  

Family or Friends – Who do you want to participate in the ceremony. Think about your friends and loved ones. Is there anyone you would like to include in the ceremony and why? I have lots of ideas and suggestions on how to include them without making the ceremony overly long or uncomfortable or even lets say unpredictable.

The Legal bits – Meeting these few important things required by Law.

Gather all your information that you will need in order to complete the legally required Notice of Intended Marriage form

(You can do this online. Ask me how)

You will need

  • Birth Certificates NO photocopies not even certified copies.
  • Australian passport (expired within reason is ok also)
  • Overseas passport if you are not an Australian Citizen
  • Photo identification – eg: driver’s licence or proof of identity card
  • Change of Name Proof of any change of name by deed poll.
  • Death Certificate if previous marriage ended by death of your former partner
  • Divorce Certificates.  If these have been received via email you can forward me the email from the courts (It must show the courts headers in the email)   You can still lodge your notice of intent even if your previous divorce is pending, but you cannot marry until the divorce is finalised.
  • Overseas divorce or death of partners– proof of divorce or annulment, proof of death certificates of previous partners are definately required.
  • How do you prove your divorce?  Go online  (Australia only)
Getting Married – Grow old together

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