Meet Jane

(and her family)

Jane Collins

I have been a Celebrant for nearly 5 years and just love my job.  I am myself married to the love of my life Neil and our children are our gorgeous west highland white terriers Maggie Darby and Rhia. 

We live in Railton in NW Tasmania.   I love my garden.

Neil and I are the coordinators for Westies Tasmania and Westie Rescue and Rehoming Tasmania Inc,  and we have a ball organising regular outings and events with our groups.  We have lots of dog loving friends. 

I live by the motto..

When you love what you do.. you will never work a day in your life.. and for me being a celebrant is not work. 

I really do love what I do. 

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want everyone to have the same dream day that I did.

Contact No.

0413 946 773